Skin Tightening

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As your body ages and skin loses it tone, it becomes increasingly tougher to look and feel your best. Sure, plastic surgery is an option, but the price to pay , both physically and monetarily, is enough to keep most patients from making that leap. The latest advancements in pulsed light technology have created an effective, painless procedure for subtracting years from your appearance. Pulsed light therapy tightens the areas of loose skin on your body without the stress, discomfort, and downtime of traditional cosmetic operation. This simple, quick, non-invasive procedure is the perfect alternative for those intimidated by the stigma of plastic surgery.

Pulsed light for deep penetration

Pulsed light therapy works at the dermis layer to promote deep healing reactions, stimulate the release of toxins and retained fluids, and produce new collagen. The skin’s surface remains undamaged while exposed a firm, youthful look.

As with most cosmetic procedures, you should consult your physician to determine the most effective course of treatment. Your specific results will depend on factors that include age, the location of the target area, and the severity of laxity. You’ll notice in immediate improvement and an increase in effectiveness over the course of your treatments. After applying a cold gel to the affected areas, your physician will deliver precision pulsed light to the targeted region. Patients report little to no pain during the procedure and can return to normal activities immediately.

Perhaps the most appreciated benefit of pulsed light therapy is its ability to deliver targeted results with little or no damage to surrounding healthy tissues. The advanced technology requires no anesthesia or post-operative cooling methods. Rest assured knowing that pulsed light therapy has been clinically tested and confirmed to be efficient, effective, and safe.

Most patients respond well to pulsed light treatment, likening the sensation to a light rubber band snap to the skin. Because pain sensations vary with the individual patient, there are options for you to help decrease any mild discomfort you may experience, including topical anesthetic and a cold compress to sensitive areas.

In a word, comfort. With so many options for tightening and toning lax skin, it only makes sense to choose the cost comfortable method. While topical skin lotions and creams, dermabrasion, chemical peels, and resurfacing procedures can offer some degree of success; the side effects associated with these procedures are often unwelcomed and uncomfortable. Most of these techniques feature restrictions and downtimes that make them impractical for patients with active lifestyles. Pulsed light therapy offers optimal results with no redness or swelling, significantly fewer treatments, and a return to your normal activities that you will certainly appreciate.

Skin Tightening
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